Use the Automated Alerts to communicate with business partners

Unforeseen situations in the workflow can be minimized, but you cannot get rid of them once – and for all. However, it is quite realistic to respond to them adequately and in a timely manner, as soon as they are detected. The first step is to notify all partners about the occurrence of a similar situation.

To do this, you can use standard communication methods, but in this case, the path of information from the source to the recipients can be quite long. It is much more efficient to use automated alerts. Notifications are sent to management, partners, suppliers, or team members, as the case may be. Setting up the tool does not require special knowledge and experience, providing professional assistance in establishing operational corporate communication and solving the most pressing issues and tasks.

Automatic API Notification: Uses and Benefits

Automatically generated alerts can be generated based on system monitoring, as well as on a database received from CRM or an incident management system. This is the information that is critically important to convey to business partners, department heads or other employees who are required to respond quickly to the situation that has arisen. The ability to send such targeted or group notifications automatically is the main advantage. By receiving automated notifications, your employees or partners of the company can quickly get involved in the situation and take all measures to eliminate it. The more valuable information a company operates with, the more important it is to tune these processes. At the same time, API integration provides the following advantages:

  • Allows you to receive notifications in real time;
  • Double processing of information is not required, notifications are received without human intervention in automatic mode;
  • All important messages are delivered to the required response groups specified in the settings;
  • Messages are sent automatically and relieve the staff of responsibility for this part of the work.

The tool for setting up and sending notifications within the company provides a demo mode. The free version of the software allows you to understand the functionality and technical features of the tool, and to get to know more not only about the principles of its operation, but also to evaluate the real advantages of the product using the example of a particular company or enterprise.

How do Emergency Alerts help your business?

Automatic notifications are integrated into any system, increasing the speed of response to critical situations, increasing the efficiency of the company, and minimizing risks in areas where the speed of processing important up-to-date information directly affects the company’s income.

Special tools for sending automated alerts compare favorably with traditional messengers, as they provide 100% visibility of information. Important messages will not be lost in the flow of other letters. The notification system is customized to your needs, requests and goals, so you get a personalized solution.

How does it work?

For example, there was a failure in the operation of one or another tool used by the company. The monitoring system detects a problem and sends an alert to those who work with the system, as well as automatically generates a request for repair or troubleshooting.

The request is sent to the helpdesk or IT department, who acknowledges receipt of the ticket and the task is transferred to a specific employee who provides a solution to the problem, and the previously generated ticket automatically changes the status.

With this approach, there are far fewer obstacles on the company’s path to success, and those that do appear are quickly resolved or eliminated, so that the workflow remains as stable and productive as possible. This leads to lower production costs, an increase in the company’s profitability in the market, and, accordingly, to an increase in reputation in the eyes of customers and partners.